Dr. Gaylen relies upon Torque Release Technique (TRT) because it is the first ever chiropractic technique to be developed out of research and has been proven through science and research to be the most advanced technique in chiropractic today. There is no guess work with TRT. Every part is scientifically proven. The analysis is derived from joining the best parts of the analysis systems of seven different techniques. (Palmer Upper Cervical, Thompson, DNFT, SOT, Logan Basic, Toftness, and Network.) TRT has incorporated over 100 years of chiropractic into one technique. It was meant to act as an upgrade to chiropractic. Allowing us to make more accurate corrections within a shorter amount of time, with longer lasting effects. TRT also utilizes the Integrator, which is the 1st FDA approved instrument to adjust subluxations.

The Integrator

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